• Who are we?

    J-Starter Technology Co. Ltd is a competitive China-based manufacturer and exporter, specializing in the production and development of starter motors, armatures, field cases, solenoids, drivers, and other components for the OEM and aftermarket automotive industries.

  • Our Mission

    We produce Denso, Mitsuba, Bosch, Ford, Delco, and Valeo series of starter motors for Honda, Toyota, Ford, Dodge, BMW, GM, Land Rover, and other passenger car replacements. For production 100 percent new materials and new components are being processed. Our motors continuously meet the quality standards of our customers and are under the control of ISO 9000 certification.

  • Reliability

    With many years of experience, our professional R&D team has developed reliable and powerful high-efficiency starters capable of starting the toughest engines. Whether you need a starter based on an existing model or a completely new starter design, our engineers will custom design a starter to your exact specifications.

J-Starter – committed to high-quality products!